Brake Services

Quality Brake Service & Repair at Sun Automotive

Brakes are quite possibly the most important system in your vehicle for safety, which is why it’s so crucial to ensure that yours are in good condition. Since brakes rely on creating friction to slow down your vehicle, these components wear down quickly and need replacement at regular intervals.

However, it’s not just your pads and rotors that need maintenance. Your brake fluid plays an important role in creating the necessary pressure to stop the vehicle, and needs to be serviced after becoming contaminated with metal flakes, debris, and moisture.

Green brake caliper on rotor

For high-quality brake services in Western Oregon, the experts at Sun Automotive have the experience and equipment to properly care for your brakes and ensure that you and your passengers are safe. Give us a call or schedule online today at one of our four locations and see why we offer “The Best Service Under the Sun!”


We stand by our work, which is why we offer our lifetime warranty for our repairs*


*Sun Automotive will only honor the Lifetime Warranty under the conditions outlined in the Lifetime Warranty Terms on our warranty page