Heater and A/C Services

HVAC Service & Repair at Sun Automotive

In an area where weather can fluctuate as quickly as Western Oregon, a working HVAC system in your vehicle is vital to a comfortable driving experience every month of the year. This creature comfort we often overlook has an intricate system of components behind the scenes that can encounter issues that affect its ability to heat or cool your vehicle’s cabin.

A/C vents

From the A/C condenser to the heater core, these crucial parts of the HVAC need occasional attention and care just as any other component of your vehicle does. These systems are complex and often need in-depth diagnostics from professionals.

Here at Sun Automotive, our ASE-certified technicians have extensive experience in diagnosing and repairing automotive HVAC. Call or schedule online today at any of our four locations!


We stand by our work, which is why we offer our lifetime warranty for our repairs*


*Sun Automotive will only honor the Lifetime Warranty under the conditions outlined in the Lifetime Warranty Terms on our warranty page