Steering and Suspension Service

Suspension & Steering Services at Sun Automotive

Your vehicle’s suspension has two major responsibilities. First off, it keeps the ride smooth and comfortable for those inside the vehicle. Second of all, the springs and dampers keep your car’s chassis settled and in control through corners and over uneven road surfaces. Otherwise, your vehicle would react unpredictably to these and could cause you to lose control.

strut assembly

Suspension and steering systems consist of countless parts, bushings, and hardware to keep your vehicle driving as it should, so there’s no question that problems may arise in any one of these components. If you’re experiencing any changes to the way your vehicle drives, you should have your steering and suspension checked by a professional to ensure everything is in proper shape and safe to drive on.

The suspension experts at Sun Automotive at any of our four locations have the training and equipment to diagnose and repair the intricate systems on any make and model. Give us a call or schedule online today!


We stand by our work, which is why we offer our lifetime warranty for our repairs*


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